Teach them how, Train them now!



The Noble Club is an initiative by One Africa Forum to address the ills of the society by educating, coaching, supporting, mentoring and modeling young learners across schools in Africa.

One of the aim is to end the vicious circle of gender based violence and gender inequality in our society. Our volunteer, will be required, after training, to provide the right guidance and be a model for young children. We understand the seriousness of this issue and we can already feel the negative impacts of gender based violence in our society, that is why we are raising our team to be father figures, mother figures and role model to these young learners in order to raise them into a better society and produce a saner generation.

If you are a social worker, educational psychologist, social psychologist and you are passionate about volunteering, or whatever field you are in and you are driven by the need to bring about a positive change in the society and think you have the potentials to stand tall as a role model; then click on the button below to sign up as a volunteer to join our busy champions raising pillars of Africa. Apply here

For sponsorship and other enquiries, please contact