MenTalkShip and LegAcies

MenTalkShip and LegAcies is a boys to men mentorship and empowerment program by One Africa Forum that inspires young boys and men to greatness. It provides a healthy space for boys and men (Men) to thrive through conversations (Talk), support, workshops, trainings, seminars, education, and relationships that to achieve their best versions (Ship). We will walk (Leg) with young men, guide them; teach them communication, emotional intelligence, self-control (Acies) etc.

Program Highlights

1. Life Skill Workshops
2. Career Guidance
3. Personal Development
4. Healthy Relationships
5. Physical Activity and Nutrition
6. Community Service
7. Mental Health Awareness
8. Cultural and Social Awareness

At One Africa Forum, we understand that the key to a successful mentorship program is creating a supportive and inclusive environment where boys feel comfortable expressing themselves, learning new skills, and building meaningful relationships with mentors and peers.
MenTalkShip and LegAcies a program tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of the boys and men in order to mold boys and mend men.
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Project Empower

At Project Empower, our mission is to inspire girls and young women, and train them with relevant skills to stay ahead of the times.

The Initiative is a comprehensive program aimed at empowering girls and young women by providing them with the necessary skills and platform to express themselves through blogging, storytelling and other relevant skills. This initiative will focus on training and mentoring them to write blogs and stories on topics that are important to them, with a particular emphasis on themes related to girls' empowerment. Other skills include: Acting, Podcasting, Public Speaking, Poetry, Music, Photography, and Social Media Marketing/Influencing. At the end of the training period, the initiative will compile and publish a book that will serve as a collective contribution of all the mentees, showcasing their unique perspectives and experiences.

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