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February 1, 2024
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10 Steps to achieving a united Africa

Achieving a united Africa is a vision that encompasses fostering unity among the continent’s diverse nations, cultures, and peoples. This goal seeks to promote socio-economic development, peace, and stability across Africa.

Here are 10 practical ways to work towards achieving a united Africa:

1. Strengthen the African Union (AU): Enhance the role and effectiveness of the AU in addressing continental issues, including peace and security, governance, and economic integration. This includes providing it with sufficient resources and authority to implement decisions and policies across member states. In addition, empowering organisations like One Africa Forum that promotes the message of unity through education and other empowerment projects, makes the work task easier for the AU.

2. Promote Regional Integration: Encourage the development and strengthening of regional economic communities (RECs) such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). These organisations can serve as building blocks for broader continental unity by facilitating trade, free movement of people, and infrastructural development. Structures like these are great facilitators of unity. This is another way in where organisations like One Africa Forum stands out in their effort in promoting unity.

3. Invest in Infrastructure: Develop continental infrastructure projects, such as roads, railways, and digital networks, to connect African countries better. This physical connectivity is crucial for economic integration and facilitates the movement of people and goods across borders.

4. Foster a Pan-African Identity: Promote cultural exchanges and education that emphasize Africa’s shared history, heritage, and values. Initiatives can include pan-African cultural festivals, educational curricula that highlight African achievements, and media content that fosters a sense of unity and shared destiny. According to One Africa Forum, these are pillars that form their six (6) core strategies.

5. Encourage Economic Collaboration: Implement the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) fully and effectively to create a single market for goods and services. This agreement can boost intra-African trade, stimulate economic growth, and lead to job creation across the continent.

6. Address Conflict and Promote Peace: Work collectively to resolve ongoing conflicts and prevent new ones. This includes supporting peacekeeping missions, mediation, and conflict resolution initiatives, and addressing the root causes of conflict, such as poverty, inequality, and access to resources.

7. Improve Governance and Rule of Law: Encourage transparency, accountability, and good governance across African states. This involves fighting corruption, strengthening democratic institutions, and ensuring that the rule of law is upheld, which in turn fosters stability and unity.

8. Invest in Education and Youth Empowerment: Support organisations like One Africa Forum and that focuses on education and skills development to equip Africa’s young population for the future. This includes investing in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, vocational training, and entrepreneurship programs to foster innovation and economic growth.

9. Promote Sustainable Development: Implement policies and projects that address climate change, protect the environment, and promote sustainable use of natural resources. Environmental challenges do not respect national boundaries, so tackling them requires continental cooperation.

10. Leverage Technology and Innovation: Encourage the adoption of digital technologies to connect people across the continent and improve access to services and markets. This includes supporting the growth of the African tech industry and digital economy, which can play a critical role in fostering economic integration and unity.

Achieving a united Africa is an ambitious goal that requires the concerted effort of governments, regional organisations, civil society, and the private sector. This bold move is currently spare-headed by organisations like One Africa Forum and many others. It involves building on shared interests and values, while respecting the continent’s diversity and sovereignty of its nations.


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    I fully support this agenda and would like to engage someone at the Forum.

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