One Africa Forum: Statement on the outcome of Uganda’s January 14, 2021, elections

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October 10, 2020
March 26, 2021

19 January 2021

One Africa Forum has noted with concern, the unsettling reports from Uganda, following the Country’s Presidential and Parliament elections that held on January 14 2021. The election that was reportedly marred by numerous undemocratic traces that is, unfortunately, a replica of the Country’s joke of a democracy saw the incumbent president, Yoweri Museveni, retaining power for the sixth time since 1986 when he was first elected president. According to reports, the election did not reflect the true will of the people.

While there were several reports, before the elections and on the elections day, of intimidation, harassment, torture, assault and violence of electorates and opposition candidates by the country’s armed forces who were acting under the orders of the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni, international observers (except a handful of AU observers) were restricted from monitoring the elections, the international media and local internet access were shut down on the eve of the elections and during the elections day.

Consequently, One Africa Forum expresses contempt over the insouciance of the African Union to this blatant fraud of an election. We believe that the silence of the continent and the continental body is in consonance to oppression, dictatorship, and daylight robbery of the fundamental human rights of Ugandans and Africans in general. We, therefore, call on the chairperson of the African Union, President Cyril Ramaphosa, regional leaders of the body and peer leaders in the continent to act decisively and defend the rights of the people of Uganda, as the will of the people must always prevail over the interest of one man.

Meanwhile, we salute the fortitude of the people of Uganda for remaining peaceful even when tempted otherwise. We encourage all Ugandans and well-meaning Africans alike to stand united and gallant in the struggle for freedom. We do not condone the behaviours of presidents who hang around in office longer than necessary, and by all means, we believe that the 35 years of Yoweri Museveni as President undermines the confidence in the younger generation and the dynamism that we unarguably possess. Therefore, we want to reassure the people of Uganda that we are together in this until our voices are heard.  

One Africa Forum remains committed to the unity, development and absolute independence of Africa anchored on dignity, peace and freedom.


Amb. Edoseghe Prince Erhahon

Leader – One Africa Forum